WOOW! is a surreal, non-verbal and clown comedy show. They come from afar, travelling for no one knows how long …! Two headlights from a Vespa, a handlebar from an electric scooter, a moving treadmill, lights and magical mechanisms! An image that generates amazement, wonder and surprise, WOOW! A couple of clowns aboard their bizarre copper and metal vehicle, with wheels, engine and sound system, will cross the streets of the Festival.
Playing with their body is their life! Their vehicle is their home and the square is the perfect place to take a break on this long journey. In this stop they will share a little of their life, of their vision of the world made of play, movement, dance and magic.
To then leave for the next destination aboard their fantastic vehicle.

by and with Andrea Bochicchio and Teresa Bruno
directed by Andre’ Casaca
costumes and scenography Andrea Bochicchio and Teresa Bruno
construction and assembly Valerio Fontanella, Claudio Acquarelli, Tecnoplus s.n.c,
Elip tagliente srl
production Teatro c’art – Comic Education APS
supported by Tuscany Region through “Progetto Produzioni” 2019 – 2020 – 2021

Course of research

Everything starts with the treadmill, a comic object because it is contradictory: it was born to run but is forced to stay still. Hence the idea of creating a treadmill that could travel and move freely, this is the terrain of the clown, inspired by Chaplin, Keaton, the slapstick, to create a world where you laugh, fall and get up. The idea of WOOW! wants to reach everyone, starting from a surreal image that amazes and creates wonder. 

The choice of language is physical comedy:
– both Andrea Bochicchio and Teresa Bruno are two clown actors, mimes, dancers and acrobats with a long experience both as actors and as teachers and in their theatrical work they have always tried to combine the poetics of the clown of Chaplin and Keaton, with great energy scenic.
– the use of the GRAMMELOT, because “Popuch and Evet”, the two protagonists of the story, aboard their vehicle “Aurelio”, built with their own hands, have decided to leave from their tiny country, Kanskaskaya and venture out to discover the world. A journey beyond all borders, from country to country in the continuous search for diversity driven by curiosity and the desire to discover and play.

Our show is based on the truth of the relationship that is created with the public, without this there is no show. And for us it is essential that the two Clowns and their story are at the center of everything. WOOW! is deliberately a TOUT PUBLIC show, starting from 2 years. 

In its 20 years of history, Teatro C’art has developed the method: “comic-relational education” which focuses on affirming the comic identity of the individual and allows dialogue with all age groups.                                                         
WOOW! debuted in 2022 and can already count more than 40 plays that have allowed us to run in the show with any type of age group and to verify the reliability of the vehicle in the most disparate conditions.

Circus, clown, visual comedy, non-verbal, suitable for all audiences
Available of the 2 versions:
– Show 40 min (10 min walkabout + 30 min in location)
– Walkabout 40 min