Sagapo is love. Love for life.

Like a line drawn in reverse, Sagapò celebrates life from death.

Through a ritual of repeated gestures, an essentiality has been sought which leads to cleansing emotions, emptying what is cluttered to rediscover the simplicity of openness, play, euphoria.

An essentiality that starts from the stage choice: black and white. A man and a woman. Two chairs and a microphone. A guitar. A physical theater, sometimes comic and grotesque, poetic and absurd, where the word becomes gramelot, where music and sound on stage communicate with movement. Two elegant characters chasing each other, waiting, dancing barefoot on a dry land. The voices of a funeral ritual, the rebetiko rhythm of one party, the cheerful greetings of those who leave and those who arrive intertwine.

By and with Irene Michailidis and André Casaca

Production Teatro del Respiro

Co-production Teatro C’art Comic Education 

Course of Research

The initial need was to explore the physical and vocal understanding during the improvisation sections. The two characters appeared to express great neutrality and gradually outlined a timeline that showed us the direction in which to carry out the search for creation. With total freedom we were nourished by the fragility of a work that appeared immediately without boundaries and that led us to travel between comedy and drama, between elegance and the grotesque. We started from the breath to find a common point. In the process of creating Sagapò we explored the delicacy and depth between death, life and play, fusion and contrast. Starting from a neutral scene, a space initially devoid of objects to give life to a timeless work and sometimes tragicomic like life.

A show created starting from a series of nomadic creative residences divided into various periods of creation In Italy, France and Brazil.

Also decisive was the guide and the external look of Marina Abib who accompanied us during the last two weeks of residence before her debut in February 2019 at the Teatro Petrella in Longiano.

Duration 60 minutes

Entertainment suitable from 10 years upwards

Suitable for non-English speakers

Technique: clown, dance, song, mime