Tranquilli!!! he breaks his hectic daily life with romantic moments, of pure poetry drawn from a love, perhaps for life, or perhaps for his own living, like a small bird, which flying in a blue sky feeds on the warmth of the sun and sometimes stops in a sandbar to take a shower…Tranquilli!!!  is like that… he plays basketball as if he were talking about himself, capable of answering the phone that he has never actually played, his moment is a passage; a momentary interrupted flight, just like those little birds that after showering, playing on the sand…they fly away. 

By and with André Casaca
Assistant director Fabrizio Neri e Teresa Bruno
Set machine Silvano Costagli
Production Teatro C’art comic education

Course of Research 

Tranquilli!!! was born as an idea in 1997. The initial stimulus was precisely to feel the presence of an apparently calm character, who absurdly influenced my daily acts and felt that part of these attitudes suggested the birth of a character that comically mirrored not only my caricature, but also that of the man who lives according to the society that stresses him. Faced with a quiet cut.

The show supports the idea of ​​a theater, where research is at the base, where the actor is the center, the main point, and is the instrument for the realization of the idea with the physicality of the body – main vehicle of expression through non-verbal language. Tranquilli!!! the identification of the character with tranquility does not reflect a single aspect that can be recognized by a certain audience, but favors global communication.

Duration 60 minutes

Entertainment suitable from 3 years upwards

Suitable for non-English speakers 

Technique: clown, music, mime