A woman on stage. Clown. Alone. Or maybe not. Rosa.

Can a woman provoke, seduce, command, make an audience laugh, teach those in front of her, free herself from obstacles and hindrances, play at being something other than herself, also taking possession of a masculine energy and in this game keep on having fun while maintaining a precise attention to the public in front of her? Can a woman just take off some clothes (chosen who knows by whom!) and dress others? Become a clown to give voice to the hidden desire to be a child, climb, dominate and tame strange animals of his imagination, then bring out all her authentic femininity and bloom, leaving the audience almost shocked while performing, showing her singing skills and her powerful Flamenco’ steps. “Rosa” is this and more, a provocative show that moves on the thin but very solid thread of comedy. A simple and surreal scenography and few objects in scene, which sometimes become accomplices to Rosa’s enemy traits, objects twisted into their everyday ordinariness by the clown’s gaze.

The same look that takes the viewer of all ages into new worlds, kidnapped by the body of an woman who goes, inexorable, performing in her bizarre but engaging reckless evolutions.

A series of comic gags, from which emerges the funny, and at the same time, delicate side of the human being. A show where rhythm is the carpet over which the protagonist’s desires flow, imbued with a non-verbal language, a grammelot, understandable for everyone. Rosa plays with her body at 360 degrees, alternates between slips and clown falls, playing and shouting in many languages, flamenco steps set against a weak balance, improvisations and poetry, all in the shadow of a giant coat rack, to which the odd ideas of a woman are hung.

“…Rosa arrives on tiptoe and finish leaving a huge gap with the desire that the game never ends!”

By and with Teresa Bruno

Directed by André Casaca

Dramaturgical consultancy Aurélia Dedieu

Outside look Stefano Marzuoli and Nina LanzI

Lighting design Luca Carbone

Technical Nicolas Baggi

Costumes Federica Novelli and Vanna Vezzosi

Graphic Santiago Baculima

Production Teatro C’art Comic Education 

Course of Research

“Who knows how my clown will be affected by this femininity? Can I be comic, with the same incisive and subtle irony that I found in these 13 years of work?”

I have known and developed my comic and gestural identity as a clown with hair gathered in a cap and dresses that canceled my female forms to keep in touch with my instinct in a neutral way, without prejudice, intimate. “Rosa” represents the moment of my journey in which new parts of me have put a red nose and have shown themselves, to the point of discovering how a clown woman can pass through her body and her pure and playful gaze through the genre:the use of the masculinity, or anything that is ideally associated with that universe, the tender transformation, the feminine strength of the flower that blooms red and sensual, with a fiery tail like corolla and high heels, and finally liberation of all my nature through the power of voice and flamenco dance.

Duration 60 minutes

Entertainment suitable from 3 years upwards

Suitable for non-English speakers

Technique: clown, dance, song, mime