Thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze, the renovation of the upper floor of the Teatro C’art  is underway!

With the call Spazi Attivi, the OPEN project was in fact co-financed: spaces open to creativity!”. In partnership with the Municipality of Castelfiorentino and the Open Flow Association for the regeneration of urban spaces to be opened to the community in order to make them accessible to all citizenship.

The project involves the expansion of the spaces of the Teatro C’art with a new rehearsal room (of about 7×4 m), a small guesthouse with kitchen and bedroom for the residences, new offices and warehouses with entrance from outside stairs.

Furthermore, a great asbestos disposal operation will be carried out and installation of a photovoltaic system.

To be completely revolutionized will not only be the image of the Teatro C’art but also the program of activities that can extend and expand together with the spaces for the creation of Centro Internazionale Teatro C’art!