In May and June, André Casaca carried out direct training for the professional clowns of the Teatro do Sopro, with the aim of contributing to the development of non-verbal comic listening to the elderly during the visits that the group carries out weekly in various health care structures of the city of Rio de Janeiro. This project called “Uma bela visita” consists of comic interventions where clowns characterized by vintage clothes try, through comic-musical incursions, to reactivate the memory, promote lightness and stimulate communication that often in people with Alzheimer’s is extremely vulnerable. An incredible project of great impact and that promotes remarkable benefits in a moment of life where advanced age often creates distance and isolation.

Teatro do Sopro is a Brazilian non-governmental organization founded in 2012 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The founders Flavia Marco and Olivier Terreault believe that using the artistic language of the clown develops emotional intelligence, empathy and creativity and that any place can serve as a scenario and through the performing arts, operate with artistic interventions, in health institutions dedicated to the Third Age, working directly on aging as a vital moment and recovering one’s freedom, wisdom and reconnecting with the playful part of each of us!

Video of the work of the Teatro do Sopro with elderly people