André Casaca
André Casaca
André Casaca was born in 1972 in Tambaù – Sao Paulo (Brazil). Here he set up the research on the physical preparation of actors at LUME Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Teatrais within the Department of Research at University of Campinas – São Paulo. In Italy he has been a student at the International Centre of Education, Research and Creation in Theatre “L’Albero” lead by Yves Lebreton, hereafter becoming his personal assistant.

He is clown, director, actor and artistic and educational director of Teatro C’art Comic Education. Settled in Italy since 1995, he has developed his own pedagogical method called “Comical-relational education”, born by a study on personal comical gesture as a tool to facilitate interpersonal communication. This kind of method is used in several context in Italy: with disabled people, children, teenagers and teachers. Up until now, more than 15.000 children and teenagers have attended this kind of activities. Thanks to his dedication in education in the previous ten years, André is invited to attend the 10th edition of World Creativity Festival in Sanremo, where he is awarded with AWARD 2008.
Casaca is one of the most important professionals on corporal theatre and clown art in Italy and he works together with the most relevant Italian professional schools of theatre.

He has been teacher in “Clown at the service of the person” master in University of Bologna – Department of Education Sciences. He is supervisor of several projects of international cooperation in Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Israel, Palestinian Occupied Territories and Brazil, where his shows, such as Tranquilli!!!, Casa de Tàbua and Sagapò, are often hosted.

Stefano Marzuoli
Stefano Marzuoli
Stefano Marzuoli was born in 1973, in Tuscany.
Always interested in poetry and theatre, he met Andrè Casaca in 1998 during one of his earliest clown workshop.
Fell in love with the art of clown, he realized that the most genuine and direct shape of poetical manifestation could be find through the use of body in the theatrical way.
Because of this, from 2002 to 2008, he undertook a formative path on the role of the clown and on physical theatre, through several workshops led by Ricardo Puccetti, Carlos Simeoni and Raquel Scotti Hirson (Lume Teatro – Brazil), Paco Gonzalez (Family Floez – Germany) and Yves Lebreton (L’albero – Italy).
In 2002 he founded Teatro C’art company together with Teresa Bruno and Andrè Casaca and he took part as actor in some shows of the company (“Famiglia Vagalume”, 2002; “Matrimonio italiano”, 2007; “Noise Talent Show”, 2015; “Fiab’Art”, 2017).
In 2018, he undertook a new and personal research work about his own clown and his own feminine side, constantly comparing with William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. From this kind of research, his next theatrical work will come into the world.
Teresa Bruno
Teresa Bruno
Teresa Bruno actress, clown, theatrical researcher and educator and in 2002 a co-founder of the company and cultural space of Teatro C’art. 
She began her training as a gymnast in 1991 and her training as a theatrical actress in 1999 with André Casaca: she still keeps on working and studying with him since 20 years, in the use of “Comic-relational Education” methodology. She continues to explore and train in physical theatre, mime and clown with: Andrè Casaca, Yves Lebreton, Philippe Gaulier, Paco Gonzales (Floz Family), Lume Theatre Company (Brazil), Jos Houben; in dance with: Raquel Hirson Scotti (Lume Theater), Sabrina Cunha, Marigia Maggipinto (Pina Baush company); in Butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi; in Flamenco dance with Pilar Carmona; in voice with: Daniela Soria, Monica Scifo, Ida Maria Tosto, Marco Mustaro and Maria Corno; in the Institute Modai of Turin, she obtains the teaching qualification in “Functional methodology of Gisela Rohmert”.
She has been striding through scenes as an actress and clown since 2000 and she performs Teatro C’art’s production all around Italy and abroad: in particular, Vagalume Family (2006); Italian Wedding (2006 – 2010), Noise Talent Show (2014). In 2012, she created her first clown solo, Rosa. Since the end of 2016, she works together with Le Due e Un Quarto company, from Turin, in Retrò Gold, a puppet theatre and clown show.
Her performances give preference to a non-verbal comic language. Until now about 17.000 people among children, young people, adults and disabled people, in Italy, Brazil and Cabo Verde, have had the opportunity to participate in her training activities, during which she applies “Comic-relational Education” methodology conceived by Andrè Casaca.
She was assistant director of all Teatro C’art’s production until 2018. She collaborates with Compagnia di Teatro Ragazzi and with Teatro del Piccione in Genoa on Taro the Fisherman, of which she is the director.
She loves to operate as a trainer and to spread both in Italy, in particular in Teatro C’art, and abroad her artistic work to adult audience through several activities, such as “Body Nature”, about body expressiveness and promptness; “Stupid, clumsy, ingenious: clown’s essence”; “Voice”. She handles the Organizational Management of the International Centre Teatro C’art.
Finally, she is the owner of “Casa sul Rio Petroso” b&b, a cultural guest house linked to Teatro C’art.


Federica Mafucci
Federica Mafucci
Federica Mafucci was born in Arezzo in 1986. She began her theatrical research in 2010. She obtained a three-year diploma in art of theater at the Atelier Teatro Fisico di Philip Radice, in Turin. In 2012 she collaborated with Giuseppe Culicchia, an italian writer, in a comical circus show. During their collaboration Franca is born, a clownish character who Federica still interprets and with whom they write another comedy show. She collaborates with the Circolo dei lettori in Turin and Giuseppe Culicchia in a series of meetings on literature with readings and staged by the most significant books of American literature of the 20th century. In 2017 she works as present of the Varietà della caduta in the version “The syndrome of the fall”. From 2014 Federica begins to follow the tecnic Clown Comic Identity of the Body, created by Andrè Casaca, finding affinity with the path of research on movement and comedy and the possibility of developing the character of Franca in a creation founded on madness as an act of freedom. Working as a theater operator in the workshop “Comicità dell’ascolto” for primary schools in Castelfiorentino, she learns authenticity, transparency and the right to play with the children. From November 2018 she joined the C’Art Theater company, working artistically but also in the research and organizational part. She’s currently working with the character of Franca for a new production.
Marina Abib Candusso
Marina Abib Candusso
Marina Abib Candusso is a dancer and foundress of the Soma Company, São Paulo, Brazil.
Degree in Social Sciences develops ongoing research, through theoretical references and fieldwork experiences, about the construction of a contemporary corporeality developed through the matrix of Brazilian traditional dances. Her Company won the ProAC Awards for Research in Dance and Klauss Vianna for a new creation.

In addition to participating in the spectacles “Passo” and the award winning “Naturalmente – Teoria e Jogo de uma Dança Brasileira”, by Antonio Nóbrega, Marina participated as choreographer and dancer in the feature film “Brincante, O Filme” directed by Walter Carvalho.

Along with dance, her pleasure in writing leads her to produce studies and articles about her research. She has her article “The Act of Inventing” published in the book Tube of Essay of the homonymous project in the state of Santa Catarina. As well as participating in the DVD released along with the book Festas e Danças Brasileiras in the state of São Paulo.

In 2017 premiered her first solo piece “The Goat” directed by André Casaca in a co-production Brazil-Italy (Casa do Movimento, Teatro C’art and Teatro del Respiro). With this piece she has already performed in Brazil, Italy, Slovenia, England and Portugal.

Since 2016, in addition to working with her own company, she lives between Brazil and Europe and works on different projects: dance at the Belgian company Untamed by Ricardo Ambrozio; in the project “Cafe” with Beno Novak; in the project “Devil Woman and Dr Strange Love” with Diogo Granato; and is invited to teach at festivals in Belgium, Portugal, Germany and France.