Supporters of the cultural association Teatro C’art Comic Education, contribute to its vast artistic and educational activity. From the creation of the shows to the growth of the Teatro C’art international center as a place for meeting, creation, innovation and theatrical research. The dissemination of educational and social activities within public schools, as well as the training of educators, and socio-cultural support characterized by the activity of comic-relational integration within social-health structures.

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It is very simple, indicate in your tax return the tax code of Teatro C’art as the recipient of your donation!

TEATRO C’ART – Tax code / VAT number: 05243070488


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The donations in favor of the ONLUS are deductible from the income tax up to 2065.83 euros (the maximum deduction is 19% of the one paid) or alternatively they are deductible from the total income for IRPEF purposes up to 10% of the income overall, and in any case for a maximum of 70,000 euros. This last possibility also belongs to corporations (IRES)

Choose to invest in culture! Supporters of the Teatro C’art participate in the growth of the company, in artistic innovation and in socio-cultural support.

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