The Centro internazionale Teatro C’art as 2 theatrical rooms: “The Theater” with a wooden stage of 9.20 x 8.60m and a grandstand with capacity for 99 seats arranged in a wide flight of steps. The room is equipped with an audio and light direction station, a dressing room and toilet.

The second room “Sala Cartina” upstairs, smaller, 8.25m x 4.25m equipped with a piano and audio and lighting equipment.

The theatrical costume room contain about 400 costumes and accessories (clothes, hats, shoes) -also period costumes- availables for use for students during the workshops and activities.

We have available in the whole structure are 3 bathrooms, one with facilities for the handicap, and one with a shower in the dressing rooms area.

For the residences and external trainers there are also two beds and a kitchen on the upper floor.

The structure, which has an air-conditioned heating and cooling system in each room, can accommodate residents and also provide rooms for hourly, daily, weekend activities.

Is possible to rent the rooms (rent by the hour, daily, week-end). For info on availability and rentals contact the Teatro C’art office on the e-mail or phone +39 0571 629811.