The Centro Internazionale Teatro C’art was founded in 2007 and is headquarter to the Teatro C’art Comic Education association. It’s a project that sees the core of the artistic and formative process in physical theater and comedy. A place that comes from the idea of ​​a modern education based on creative freedom and on the affirmation of identity. The philosophy that inspired the association’s activities from the beginning is that of comic-relational education that operates on the maturation of individual identity and on the relationship between people, it’s a method developed and consolidated by André Casaca, founding partner of the association itself together with Teresa Bruno and Stefano Marzuoli.

The Centro Internazionale Teatro C’art contains within its equipped structure a set of activities carried out by the artistic, organizational and administrative staff in continuous synergy. The artistic activity of production and promotion, the educational activity, educational and scholastic and the socio-pedagogical activities constantly brought back by a continuous call to comedy, have made the Centro Internazionale Teatro C’art a cultural, artistic and highly professional social work recognized nationally and internationally.

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To attend the Centro Internazionale Teatro C’art it is necessary to have an annual membership card. The card entitles you to insurance coverage, to the BiblioteC’art service, to reductions on courses.

Annual card 10€