The International Festival of Comic Art with the direction of André Casaca is an international meeting of courses and shows focused on comedy. Its main characteristic is that of giving space to internationally renowned masters who see in the body their own source of creation of the shows. Artists such as Yves Lebreton, Leo Bassi, Pierre Byland, Paolo Nani, Les Rois Vagabond and Avner Eisenberg were hosted among others. In addition to the shows, each artist present at the Festival creates training workshops that attract artists from various parts of the world. Next edition in 2021.

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International Festival of Comic Art 2011

May 29th, 2019|0 Comments

Il tirreno MARTEDÌ, 29 MARZO 2011 Pagina 2 - Empoli L’arte dei pagliacci per due settimane farà sorridere Castello In programma anche un seminario per aspiranti clown CAMILLA TRILLÒ CASTELFIORENTINO. Castelfiorentino celebra il [...]