Basic course on the clown

Directed by André Casaca

Practical studies about the clown’s art starting from the recognition of the comic related with the own daily gestuality.

SUMMER SEMINAR 5 days – 25 hours 


From  7th to 11th August 2023


Actors, theater and dance students, educators, teachers and any person has curiosity to work on their own comedy. Minimum age 17 years.

I’ve started my artistic studies from the classical theatre and soon I’ve got interested on the gestual theatre, body arts and them global and unlimited possibilities and ways of expression. The characters I’ve played in the beginning of my career had already a physical performance and I used to try to find instantly a way to limitate the use of the words, acting the characters intentions from the movements. From this point of view I started observing people during them everyday life nurturing myself from them gestuality, which can usually shows personal stories.

The interest on the non-verbal comic born after, based in the necessity of feeding my art from people’s everyday life gestuality. The clown’s work had a great influence on my pedagogic path and I’ve transposed to the teaching work this need for valuing the students personal identity, leading them to research and believe in them own truth and them own ability of being prompt.

My goal during the pedagogic activity has always been (and still be) to arouse in the student the need of constructing them own body comic story, finding again the simplicity, the tenderness and the strength to be able to be present in scene together with the public. Inducing the students to find them own Body comic identity means recognize in themselves the stupidity, which is for the clown a high quality in the comicity. We don’t turn into a stupid person, we already are. Be stupid means to marvel, to understand the world in a different way instead of not understand it at all; means to use your own eyes, not for photographing and analyzing the society, but for holding the public and answering them necessities. Therefore, doesn’t means add, but to extract, to strip yourself from the concepts and shapes, making the act of being in scene transparent, and this is a constant condition, very hard to assume because is unconscious.

I believe that the clown’s work is fundamental to put the actor of our days back in contact with it’s own fragility, making him/her to find them own expressive strength in this vulnerable situation. It’s not by chance that the study of the clown art has been applied in the schools and theatrical institutes, generally in the end of the training course, because the clown brings back to the actors them true identify during the theatrical presentations.

The red nose preserve the words.

When I find myself in front of my little students I often tell them that the clown has the red nose because he is ashamed. That nose makes our body speaks, and honestly it’s not a nose, but an eye that allows us to see the reality using the fantasy and the liberty. For that reason the words are not necessary. Caetano Veloso, in one of his songs, says: “I sing only what I cannot hold back anymore”, consequently his words comes only when they have to express a feeling and not just a simple thought. One of this little students, with only 5 years old, told me once: “I’ve understood that the red nose preserve the words” and therefore he hasn’t just understood that his body was funny, his observation made me understand that the words I create actually are really important and because of this it must be preserved.


Monday from 02:00 p.m. till 07:00 p.m.

From Tuesday to friday from 10:00 a.m. till 03:00 p.m.


Minimum 8, maximum 16 participants


Teatro C’art


Possibility of accommodation in a farmhouse Casa Rio Petroso located in the countryside 5 minutes by car from the Teatro C’art. 


The accommodation is in a farmhouse, Casa Rio Petroso (house of Teresa Bruno, actress of our Company) located in the countryside, right on the Via Francigena, 5 minutes by car from the Teatro C’art. 

The rooms are double and triple and the cost is € 25.00 per night per person.

The payment of the accommodation will be made in cash on the first day, when you’ll arrive at the theater.

The service includes: accommodation, breakfast and kitchen use. Sheets and blankets. Wifi connection. You will need to equip yourself with towels instead. If available, some bicycles are available.

Useful info: the house has no restaurants, bars nearby, so at the time of your arrival, you will be given info on how to get organized for food. The nearest and cheapest supermarket we recommend is the COOP, located in Via Leonardo da Vinci, 25 Castelfiorentino. In the center of Castelfiorentino there are food shops, bars, restaurants, trattorias where you can find places to eat, even cheap.

During the winter, being the house in the countryside, there is heating, but being a country cottage, it is advisable to bring warm clothes.


The seminar receipt will be issued after payment of the balance of the course upon your arrival at the Teatro C’art. Registration deadline for seminars is scheduled 7 days before the start of each seminar. The remainder of the fee must be paid directly on the first day of the seminar. The registration fee will not be refunded if the participant fails to attend the seminar due to any problem. At the closing of registrations an e-mail will be sent with all the practical info on what is needed for work, accommodation and how to get to the Teatro C’art.


To organize your home / theater transfers, we ask you to inform us if you come with your car and if you can make it available for the group, for these short transfers.


– comfortable clothes

– a change of clothes for the physical part

– clothes for clown work (blouses, pants, ties, hats, skirts, full dresses, jackets, shoes).


you can stop outside the C’art theater or even near Casa Rio Petroso (however, there are not many places at home). Who, among the campers, wants to use the kitchen + bathroom services will pay a contribution for the expenses equal to 50% of the cost of the stay.


Complete this registration form and pay the advance payment 50% on the total quote for the seminar.


Body Comic Identity Seminar basic level 5 days €135,00

Body Comic Identity Seminar basic level + advanced level 5 + 5 days € 245.00


Fill out the registration form, once you have received the email confirming registration, pay the deposit of 50% of the total for the seminar. The balance of the course + €10 for the annual card must be paid 1 week before the start of the course by bank transfer.


Body Comedy Identity Seminar basic level 5 days € 135.00


payable to the Cultural Association Teatro C’art APS

IBAN: IT23 G 08425 37790 0000 10265189

indicate in the description which course you are attending

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In the case of an invoice request (to be requested at the time of registration), VAT of 22% must be added to the price of the seminar.

50% pay for reservation

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