International educational and peace cooperation

1. Brazil (Salvador Bahia) from 1997 to 2011 

Project “Arte do encontro” – Create a Research Unit on the gestural and comic expressiveness within the ONG CRIA Center of Referencia Integral de Adolescentes, based in Salvador Bahia. This organization is very popular in Brazil for the use of art in the process of developing and reinforcing the identity of children on the outskirts of Salvador. The meeting between Teatro C’art and Cria stems from a collaboration that began in 1997 and is structured practically with a group of 10 boys trained by Teatro C’art through the teaching of André Casaca and Teresa Bruno, able to use the techniques acquired in the spread of art in disadvantaged contexts like those on the outskirts of Salvador Bahia, as well as developing a language, the comic one, a lot close to the expressive needs of children and very suitable as intermediaries of conflicts and problems of adolescence. The project in Brazil with the Cria, takes a more complete form since 2004, managing to get funding and support from institutions like the Tuscany Region in 2006 inside the Free Port and Contemporary Art Network, in 2008 financing with L.R. 33/2005 “promotion of contemporary culture”, in 2008 allocates part of the funding received from the body Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, and in 2010 on the culture call of the European Commission. There collaboration between Teatro C’art (Castelfiorentino-Florence Italy) and Cria (Salvador Bahia- Brazil), is linked by a common interest in the interchange of cultures between Brazilian and European adolescents, in the promotion of values ​​of solidarity, peace and citizenship. The Clown during these years was the bridge of encounter between these cultures. A C’art-Cria report up to 2011, which has become strong for its own history and research on Art as an Educational tool. January 2007 Teatro C’art is invited from the Save the Children organization in Recife to hold training courses on education comic-relational. Also in 2007 he promotes courses and collaboration in Sao Paulo with the ONG Eremin in Osasco, a suburb of Sao Paulo. He collaborates with Il Circo de Todo Mundo, from Belo Horizonte through the project “Dialog-arte” in Tuscany, Announcement of the Tuscany Region – Plan for the promotion for a culture of peace. Project funded in part by the Tuscany Region, where it has seen the participation of the Cospe, and the Val D’Elsa educational institutes.

2. Ethiopia (Addis Abebba) from the year 2008 to 2010 

Teatro C’art, realizes a series of shows in the Ethiopian capital at the reception center for HIV-positive children “Mother Teresa of Calcutta“, at the “San Giuseppe Social Assistance Center, at the Theater of the Italian Cultural Institute, in addition to conducting training courses for street educators at the Bosco Children’s Center, which is one ONG that develops a method of welcoming and recovering children and young people living for children streets.

3. Palestine (Bethlehem) Israel (Jerusalem) from 2009 to 2010 

Teatro C’art carried out a professional training course “Non-verbal comedy like tool to lighten the stay of children in the hospital“, addressed to the collective (doctors, nurses, and health personnel) of the Baby Hospital of Bethlehem, a project created by the will of one series of institutions and association of the province of Siena, within the project “Terre di Toscana: instruments for peace formation 2009”. Make the show “Tranquilli” at the Salesian school theater “Terra Santa School” of Jerusalem.

4. Cape Verde (city of Mindelo, island of San Vicente) from 2008 to 2010

The Teatro C’art develops a continuous intervention in youth centers and primary schools of the city of Mindelo, island of San Vicente, Republic of Cape Verde. Teatro C’Art works within the framework of a multi-year project to promote youth empowerment and training for trainers funded by the Cariplo Lombardy and Amses Piedmont Foundation. The project is promoted by a network of Italian associations that collaborate with Cape Verdean youth associations founding the “GrinheCim” project (literally “right now”), managed by Cape Verdean and Italian operators. Teatro C’art has created a training course using the Clownerie techniques for attending children the Pedra Rolada Youth Center, a highly disadvantaged neighborhood on the outskirts of Mindelo. He then aroused the interest of the community arriving at a fruitful collaboration with educational institutions and finally with the Ministry of Education with which he organized the SIMASeminar Internacional sobre Metodologias Alternativas Integradas” in July 2009 in which they intervened Italian, Cape Verdean and Brazilian teachers and trainers (Alessandra Farneti, professor of psychology of the development at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Bolzano, Franco Quercioli for years School Director of the Comprehensive School of Montespertoli, Sandro Bastia Educationalist of the Municipality of Bologna, Pier Giorgio Batistelli, Professor at the Dams of Bologna, and Andreia Franco Educatrice del Cria, Brazilian ONG). In addition to foreign professors, the conference involved university representatives, Associations, ONG and local training institutes. This conference gave birth to a pilot project of direct training for teachers and children in some schools of the island. The excellent result of this first experience certainly sets the stage for proposing a new project for years to come.