Actor physical training

directed by Teresa Bruno

Study of body language, theater research and physical preparation.

1° Workshop TOPIC “The Roots”
2° Workshop TOPIC “Expressiveness and body readiness”
3° Workshop TOPIC “Sound, voice and the body”
4° Workshop TOPIC “Discovering with the senses”

Workshop 27th-28th of October – topic: Roots
Workshop 14th-15th of December – topic: Body expressiveness and readiness
Workshop 6th-7th of April – topic: Sound, voice and rhythm
Workshop 4th-5th of May – topic: Discovering through senses

The “EXPRESSIVENESS AND BODY READINESS” training is physical actorial training, developed over 4 weekends, with the possibility of participating in a single seminar. Each seminar will have a main topic, on which the work will be focused.

It is possible to participate in the single seminar even if the entire annual path is recommended.
Each seminar is 13 hours long.
The entire annual path is 52 hours long.


Actors, performers, theatre students and anybody who wants to undertake the study of the body as a tool. The participant will be lead in an exploration in order to increase his own capacity and to acquire a deeper awareness of himself and of the others.

“An actor has to be ready to everything, has to have an open and reactive body, as an animal in the forest, connected with itself and open to the outside, being ready to capture the “whirl” of the life, ready to act.
An actress, a performer let the art to flow as an clear channel of expression, a pure art, and to be able to let it happen we have to clean the body from the usual gestural scheme that we bring with us, we have to uncover it, to free closed passages, to discover new ones, to rely on Nature’s elements in order to find again our own nature.
According to me, the actor on the stage is a thinking animal in the perfect moment because he connects body, mind and emotionalism. To work with our own body has an universal value that goes beyond the wall of the theatre: it feeds me, nourishes me and reconnects me with who I am and with the present.” (Teresa Bruno)

Techniques used during the body training
The body is a complex tool, for this reason the process of discovering will develop through several and different techniques:
Yoga: development of a subtle listening of the body, investigating every single little place in the inside;
Art of miming: discover of the natural potentiality of the body, of its movement, of its harmony, thanks to the study of the deconstruction of the gesture; techniques that will activate roots and extremities, will relax the musculature and will increase the stage presence;
Physical theatre: work on elements of nature and of animals: becoming chickens, panthers, butterflies, becoming stone, wind, fire, water; giving space to all the lives inside us, letting vibrations, emotions, energetic stages, breathes, rhythms to invade our body so as to discover new expressive ways;
Clown: freedom to play without being judge and to reconnect with our most instinctive side;
Dance: wind dance, coordination and sensuality; the tool of dance as a free, harmonic and conscious movement;
Voice and breathe: work on vibrations, sensations, rhythms, body music; the Functional Method from Istituto Mod.A.I. of Turin is the methodology used for work on voice. 

The “EXPRESSIVENESS AND BODY READINESS” workshops are the summary of the artistic experience gained in several years of study and of a careful and concrete glance, directed to body care, to theatrical research and to physical preparation.

The educative approach is focused on listening, starting from the deepest nature of the person,  enhancing him, pushing him to go beyond his gestural limit, in order to find his expressive and perceptual capabilities, strictly linked with his animal and children nature, not controlled by mind, pure.

Saturday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. (lunch break from 1 p.m. till 2 p.m.);
Sunday from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. (lunch break from 1 p.m. till 2 p.m.)

Minimum 5, maximum 16 participants

Teatro C’art

Possibility to accommodation in a farmhouse Casa Rio Petroso located in the countryside 5 minutes by car from the Teatro C’art.

Complete this registration form and pay the advance payment 50% on the total quote for the seminar.

Possibility to accommodation in a farmhouse Casa Rio Petroso located in the countryside 5 minutes by car from the Teatro C’art.


The accommodation is in a farmhouse, Casa Rio Petroso (house of Teresa Bruno, actress of our Company) located in the countryside, right on the Via Francigena, 5 minutes by car from the Teatro C’art.
The rooms are double and triple and the cost is € 25.00 per night per person.
The payment of the accommodation will be made in cash on the first day, when you’ll arrive at the theater.
The service includes: accommodation, breakfast and kitchen use. Sheets and blankets. Wifi connection. You will need to equip yourself with towels instead. If available, some bicycles are available.
Useful info: the house has no restaurants, bars nearby, so at the time of your arrival, you will be given info on how to get organized for food. The nearest and cheapest supermarket we recommend is the COOP, located in Via Leonardo da Vinci, 25 Castelfiorentino. In the center of Castelfiorentino there are food shops, bars, restaurants, trattorias where you can find places to eat, even cheap.
During the winter, being the house in the countryside, there is heating, but being a country cottage, it is advisable to bring warm clothes.

The seminar receipt will be issued after payment of the balance of the course upon your arrival at the Teatro C’art. Registration deadline for seminars is scheduled 7 days before the start of each seminar. The remainder of the fee must be paid directly on the first day of the seminar. The registration fee will not be refunded if the participant fails to attend the seminar due to any problem. At the closing of registrations an e-mail will be sent with all the practical info on what is needed for work, accommodation and how to get to the Teatro C’art.

To organize your home / theater transfers, we ask you to inform us if you come with your car and if you can make it available for the group, for these short transfers.

– comfortable clothes
– a change of clothes for the physical part
– clothes for clown work (blouses, pants, ties, hats, skirts, full dresses, jackets, shoes).

you can stop outside the C’art theater or even near Casa Rio Petroso (however, there are not many places at home). Who, among the campers, wants to use the kitchen + bathroom services will pay a contribution for the expenses equal to 50% of the cost of the stay.

Single seminar expressiveness and Body Readiness 2 days € 150,00
Weekend itinerary Expressiveness and Body Readiness 4 weekends € 600,00
Promotion: Pay now for 4 weekends € 500 (if you pay until 15 october)

Single seminar Expressiveness and Body Readiness 2 days € 75,00
Weekend itinerary Expressiveness and Body Readiness 4 weekends € 300,00

At the time of registration (made through the form) is necessary to have already paid the deposit. The balance will be paid the first day of the course.

Post transfer and/or Bank transfer Account Banco posta
intestate to Teatro C’art Cultural Association
IBAN: IT63 L076 0102 8000 0009 9344 962
N° bank account 99344962
Indicate in the description to which course you participate

Instead, in the case of an invoice request (to be requested at the time of registration), a 22% 

If you pay with PayPal there is with 4% surcharge

50% pay for reservation