For the second consecutive year, an internationally renowned artist from Canada!

You will be introduced to the concept of the Clown of the Native Americans “if you see yourself in all directions of yourself, you can only laugh at your being ridiculous.”

This is a Clown that offers a wider sense of the divine that resides in each of us, who wants to celebrate our humanity, our animality and the emotional power of laughter. We need to build a clown that talks about today, which is not just a collection of gags, but an archetype that reveals the essence of the performer. This type of clown is built from the inside out. There is a cycle of six masks representing the direction of the self. The masks are the portal that allows us to build our personal mythology, through the creation and presentation of “shifts”. Participants are accompanied on a journey to discover physical and emotional worlds, color, innocence and experience.

During this two-week period we will prepare, build and wear two masks as part of the cycle.

SUE MORRISON Is a globally recognized teacher specialized in Clown and Buffoon techniques. In addition to being an expert performer, show creator, director and consultant, Sue Morrison is the one who helped redefine the figure of the Clown today. At the beginning of his career, Sue was the pupil of Richard Pochino, the original creator of the “Clown Throught MasK”, a method that has developed most thanks to their continuous collaboration. Today Sue’s work is unique in its kind and combines elements of the Native American tradition with the European Clown, the Fool, improvisation, the art of puppets with the creation of dynamic shows of great effect on the public. As a teacher, Sue’s approach is individual-oriented: focusing on the development of each student’s innate potential, bringing him to a new level as an individual and as an artist, as exemplified by his many students who are part of world-renowned artistic realities which the Five du Soleil, Second City, the Blue Man Group, Slava Snow Show.

The course will be in English.

Duration of the seminar 11 days.

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OPENING HOURS: from 10 am to 2 pm (in the afternoons some times the work on the masks could continue – October 13th day break).

PARTICIPANTS: minimum 14 maximum 18 people

COSTS: € 720 course cost (including the membership card of the Teatro C’art). € 980 residential course cost (including course + accommodation and kitchen use from 6 October evening to 19 October morning).

Warning! In case you use PAYPAL to pay, it is necessary to apply a 4% surcharge to the deposit, for which a € 374.4 advance (course only).

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is at the “Casa sul Rio Petroso”, a farmhouse in the middle of the countryside and only 5 minutes away from the Teatro C’art, including overnight stay and kitchen use. photo

REGISTRATION: Send an e-mail with the request to participate in the seminar with Name, Surname and Telephone Number to: and write if you need accommodation, or fill out the registration form.

Pay the 50% deposit on the total amount of the course. Prices are VAT excluded. The receipt will be issued after payment of the balance of the course upon your arrival at the Teatro C’art. In the case of an invoice request, indicate in the registration form, so that we can issue it before paying the deposit.


-Postpost Posta Conto Posta – Associazione Culturale Teatro C’art Current account number 99344962

-Bank transfer Bank Banco Posta – Cultural Association of C’art art IBAN: IT63 L076 0102 8000 0009 9344 962 (RATE: “CLOWN THROUGH MASK 2019” SEMINAR)

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The remainder of the fee must be paid directly on the first day of the seminar. The registration fee will not be refunded if the participant fails to attend the seminar due to any problem.

Registration deadline 13 September. As soon as you have registered you will receive an e-mail with all the practical info on what you need for work, accommodation and how to get to the Teatro C’art. For more information: