A CABRA is a work about risk. 

About an animal whose life revolves around taking risks. It is a work that leaves a trail in the search for what is really necessary. A CABRA is a feminine without vanity, impolite and crazy who endlessly digs up roots.

A CABRA is the first solo of Marina Abib. An independent project developed in stages of artistic residences in Brazil and in Italy. Part of their creative process has already been presented as “work in progress” format at the festivals Swallowsfeet (England), Summer Intensive (Portugal) and Collinarea (Italy). In December 2017 the show premiere at Teatro C’Art, Italy, and in 2018 in Brazil and Slovenia. 

By and with Marina Abib
Directed by Andrè Casaca
Co-production Casa do Movimento, Teatro C ́art Comic Education, Teatro del Respiro

Course of Research

The investigation of the instinctive movement was the base for the creation of the spectacle. The creative process awoke in the body of the dancer a personal history that excluded the existence of a physical score and created a condition of constant risk. From the risk was born an improvised movement with density, with the need to exist. Nothing is by chance, no movement is wasteful. As well as soundtrack, scenery and costumes, everything exists by necessity, the whole construction was developed together according to what the body created.
In this research, movement and space merge and create a trail that makes the scenic presence fundamental and organic.
The process finished by exposing and developing the possible links between two different scenic languages. The dance, which historically emphasises the beauty and the virtuous; and the clown that feeds on error and fiasco.This opening between two a priori opposing universes fed a creative process in which the artistic concept was discovered throughout the development of the research.

In this work risk and trail guided a necessary dance.

Duration 50 minutes

Entertainment suitable from 10 years upwards

Technique: dance